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Meet our network of wellness experts and discover an array of wellness classes designed to support you in living a balanced life.

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Vanessa is a Sound Therapist, Breathwork Teacher, and Transformation Expert for individuals and businesses. She uses sound, breath, touch, and verbal communication as tools to help you navigate through mental & emotional challenges and access clarity, emotional resilience, and personal power. 



Vanessa used to be an entrepreneur in the tech world. Working long hours, constantly anxious to deliver, and exhausted from the pressure on her shoulders, she barely made time for herself - work was always more important. Until her productivity, creativity, and especially her personal relationships suffered. That’s when she realized she needed change in her life and began to explore various self-development practices. Sound therapy, breathwork, and somatic bodywork helped Vanessa find relief and clarity in ways she had never expected.

‘‘I suddenly started setting boundaries where they belonged and couldn’t look past inauthenticity in the industry anymore. When you start connecting to yourself on a deeper level - you also get a different sense of quality and value, right and wrong. I realized 2 major problems: everyone is anxious and exhausted and nobody knows how to communicate what they truly need.’’

That’s why, after training in these modalities for the past few years, Vanessa now teaches individuals and businesses the tools and techniques that empower you to release stress and anxiety, regulate your emotional and mental states, and master any challenge with more confidence, trust, and resilience. That will help you in the short and long run to transform your personal and professional life.



More infos about Vanessa:

Instagram: vanessa.decodewithsound

Website: Decode with Sound

Linktree: Book A Session & get more info

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